Schedule Children Classes in Alexandria

In Alexandria, classes are held in a townhouse located 5749 Governors Pond Cir Alexandria VA22310.
We use a comfortable teaching room in a convenient location (Franconia and telegraph roads) with parking spaces. To see the room click here.

Winter Session 2023: From Jan 8th to March 19th - No class Feb 19th (unless we have a snow day make up)
Spring Session 2023: From April 16th to June 25th - No class May 28th (weekly classes on Sun)
Summer Session 2023: From July 15th to Aug 12th (weekly classes on Sat, camps are 2 weeks in Aug)

Choose your Class according to your child's age and Level:
Young Children 2 to 7 years old
- Children 7 to 12 years old beginner to elementary
- Children 6 to 12 years old advanced to bilingual
- Summer Camps for all levels

All Levels - Young Kids Classes - 2-7 years old

* Our young kids classes, Moineaux (2 to 4.5 years) and Poussins (5 to 7 years) are playful immersion classes with activities similar to what children would do in a French preschool. Learn words and sentences, use them in songs, dances, games, and stories.
All levels are welcome since we use immersion: for beginners to French speakers.

- Moineaux Spring class (2.5 to 4.5 y) in Alexandria: Sundays 9-9:55am - April 16th to June 25th - $250.
(No class May 28th)

- Poussins Spring class (5 to 7 y) in Alexandria: Sundays 10:05-11am - April 16th to June 25th - $250. * FULL *
(No class May 28th)

- Poussins Summer class (5 to 7 y) in Alexandria: Saturdays 10:05-11 am - July 15th to Aug 12th - $125.

Beginner to Elementary Classes - 7.5-13 years old

* Les Grands - For children 7.5 to 12 years old
A dynamic class in immersion, communication oriented.
Level 1: For complete beginners to strong beginners (0 to 2 years of French)
Level 2: For elementary to Intermediate (2 to 4 years of French)

- Grand 1 Spring class in Alexandria (kids 7.5 to 12) - level 1: Sundays 11:15-12:45pm - April 16th to June 25th - $375 (10 weeks).
(No class May 28th)

- Grand 2 (kids 8 to 13 after 2, 3 years of French) : only "a la carte" or in private lessons. Contact us for more info.

Advanced Classes - Bilingual kids 6-15 years old

* Les P'tits Francais I/II, III/IV- classes for advanced and French speakers for children 8 to 16 years old.
Reading, spelling, grammar, discussions.

- Weekly Advanced Classes are online on Saturdays, or a la carte with private lessons.

COVID-19 Rules

We are a small school, therefore able to implement strict measures. That being said, the health of all is our number one priority, so we ask everyone to strictly commit to those regulations. Below is a list of some precautions we will be taking, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to ensure that your child has a safe and enjoyable experience.

For now, regulations are relaxed, and masks optional.

While we understand these precautions may be inconvenient, the sole purpose is to provide a safe environment for your child and our staff.
In case we cannot meet in person classes (Saturdays in DC and Sundays in Alexandria) will be moved online.
If camps have to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, families will be refunded for the days missed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.