French Grammar Resources

How to improve your written production?

1- Learn your grammar!
Work with a good book, do exercises regularly
We recommend:
La grammaire progressive du Francais (Clé International)
Débutant: ISBN-10: 209033858X
Intermédiaire: ISBN-10: 2090338482
Avancé: ISBN-10: 2090338628

2- Write little texts and read it out loud.
You might be able to correct your own mistakes.

3- Take a course in which your teacher will give you written homework.
Many teachers don’t do it, since it’s more work for them (they have to correct your homework at home), but it’s essential for you. Because during the class, more time should be devoted to talking.

4- Take private lessons and work on your weaknesses with your teacher.
It’s good to practice writing in a useful and authentic context for example: writing a letter to friends, writing emails, invitation, professional correspondence etc..

Links to Resources A1 Level - Beginner

Main verbs - Les verbes importants
Etre present tense
Avoir present tense
Aller present tense
Faire present tense

Modal verbs
Devoir present tense
Pouvoir present tense
Vouloir present tense
Falloir present tense

Er verbs present tense
S'appeler present tense
Aimer present tense
Adorer present tense
Détester present tense
General rule present tense lesson and exercise

Lesson about define articles
Lesson about indefinite articles
Exercise about articles
Video : lesson about French Partitive Articles : du, de la, des, de l', de, d'

Lesson about possessive adjectives (vidéo)
Lesson about interrogative adjectives
Lesson about possessive adjectives
Lesson about demonstrative ajdectives

Lesson and quizz about tonic pronouns
Lesson about On/Nous pronouns
Lesson and exercise about y pronoum (for place)
Lesson and exercise about “en” pronoun
Lesson about COD pronoun
Lesson about COI pronoun
Exercise about COI and COD

Lesson about negation in quantity

Lesson about preposition (video)

Gender of nouns/adjectives
Lesson and exercise about gender of country
Lesson about masculine and feminine form of professions
Lesson about masculine and feminine form of qualitative adjectives

Verb “re” in present tense
Lesson verb prendre (video)
Lesson verb descendre (video)

Verb « ir » and irrégular verb present tense
Lesson il faut+ infinitive (video)
Lesson verb ir in present tense (video)

Le passé composé

Les verbes pronominaux
Lesson pronominal in present tense


Le futur simple
Lesson (video)

Lesson (video)

Le présent continu
Lesson (video)

Le futur proche

Le passé récent
Lesson (video)

Lesson about closed question (video)