French Phonetics Resources

With an action based methodology, you will be able very fast to ask and asnwer questions, then build more complex dialogs and follow real conversation.
To reinforce your oral skills, it is important to listen to native speakers, but you must also speak it as much as possible. Don't be afraid to make mistakes!

How to improve your oral production?

1- Read out loud
2- Listen to the news (for example TV5- 7 jours de la planete) while reading the transcriptions
3- Watch a French movie with French subtitles. Listen to a sentence, stop the movie and repeat the sentence out loud.
4- Go to a class and talk as much as you can. In our conversation class, we not only make sure students are interacting and talking a lot, but we also correct them. It’s indeed very important to get corrected and to repeat the sentence correctly to make sure you develop the right reflexes.
5- Go on an immersion trip, but be careful, if people don’t correct you, you might get the habit of saying things wrongly.