Description of children's classes

We offer immersion classes for complete beginners (from 2 to 17 years old); and specialized classes for French-speaking children. We develop hands-on curricula to guarantee personalized learning. Every child is different and has personal learning needs. We make sure that our young students feel comfortable from the beginning. Only in a playful and fun environment, they will be able to learn. On the other hand, our young students will learn a lot of authentic French. In our classes your child will not just learn words through flash cards and a translation method; or just sing songs whose meaning he/she may not even understand... He/she will progress in a natural and action-based language environment.

To make sure we offer kids the best possible French education, our group classes are in small groups. At the French Academy we choose quality over quantity.

Choose your location

The French Academy offers fun immersion classes for kids from all ages and all proficiency levels in:
* Chevy Chase DC
* Alexandria
* Baltimore

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  • Private Tutoring for Kids

    Private French lessons for children at every level of proficiency. Get good grades, prepare for a French test such as IB/ AP French. Learn at home with a tutor in person or on Skype.

  • French Classes for Small Children

    1.5 to 6 years old. A playful class with activities similar to what children would do in a French maternelle. They learn words and sentences, using them in songs, dance, games, and stories. Crafts, drawings and pre-school writing activities will develop their fine motor abilities.

  • French Classes for Children (7-13)

    7 to 13 years old. An interactive communicative class in full immersion. For beginners to intermediate.

  • French Classes for Teens (13-16)

    13 to 16 years old. An interactive communicative class in full immersion. For beginners to intermediate.

  • French Classes for French Speaking Children

    6 to 16 years old. We focus on developing and reinforcing reading and writing skills, as well as communicative skills. Our teachers use a solid approach, typical in French schools, mixed with a modern child focused teaching methodology.

  • French Camps for Kids (5-12 years)

    The French Academy offers camps in French immersion for children between 5 and 13 years old ONLINE, in Person in Chevy Chase (DC) or Alexandria (VA).

  • French Camps for Teens

    The French Academy offers review camps and conversation classes in French immersion for teens between 12 and 16 years old in DC or online