Learning ressources for adults

Internet Resource for all skills

Here are interesting links where you can find all kind of activities/ resources

Le Point du FLE
Activities for adults and children, Grammar, Vocabulary, songs...



https://fr.tsedryk.ca/ (grammaire)


Resources for exam preparation

Info about the exams DELF - DALF:

Info about the TCF (Test de connaissance du français)

Books for beginners, where you can find good audio tracks to train your comprehension skills and all kinds of good exercices

Reussir Le Delf A1: Livre A1 & CD Audio - Didier
ISBN-10: 2278064479

Preparation A L'Examen Du DELF A1- Hachette
ISBN-10: 2011554519

Activites Pour Le Cecr A1 - Clé international
ISBN-10: 2090353864

Those books are also available for higher levels: A2, B1, B2

Good books for C1 level

Activites Pour Le Cadre Europeen Commun De Reference- Niveaux C1-C2 (French Edition) - Clé International
ISBN-10: 2090353872

Reussir Le Dalf: Niveaux C1 et C2 - Didier
ISBN-10: 2278061011

French learning methods

You'll find here a list of Books to learn French as a foreign languages from French publishers. Those are called "méthodes FLE" in French.