Learning a language is a complex thing, for which you need to invest a little bit of time. Similarly as when you learn to play an instrument, to be able to master the 4 essential aspects of the French language: oral comprehension (understanding of conversations, news, films…) oral production (your ability to express yourself orally), written comprehension (understanding of texts, articles…), written production (your ability to write) you need to practice a little bit every day.

Here are some resources and links we recommend to help you in your learning process.

  • Help for Adults

    to improve your oral and written skills

  • Help for Kids

    It is very important for children to be introduced to a foreign language and different cultures a...

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"I listen to a podcast (like TV5 monde) every day for at least 20 mins. I use my commute time for that. Listening carefully like that really helped me to better my comprehension, which is for me the most challenging part.
I struggle a lot with videos, but I like watching films with subtitles in French. I stop the video and repeat it if I didn't understand. I like to watch old movies whose pace is a bit slower than modern ones. Maigret stories are my favorite!"
(John - Sept 2nd)