Français pour enfants bilingues et francophones

Tailor made quality

Our French Classes for bilingual children focus on developing and reinforcing reading and writing skills. We use authentic grammar, spelling and text material, similar to what teachers would use in French schools. Our curriculums are based on typical activities taught in French schools from CP to 6ième.

Spelling and Grammar can be fun!

For us, it’s important that the children understand some grammar rules in order to learn how to write properly. That’s why we introduce grammar in our level 1 (CP/CE1). Empowered through modern methodologies and participative international approaches, we foster a creative and fun classroom environment.

Text Analysis and debate
Not all our students speak French at home. Some go to immersion schools, which allows them to speak very well, but their vocabulary might not be as strong as children living in a French-speaking household. To encourage them to talk and reinforce the creative and analytical thinking of all participants, we discuss and analyze texts. After reading a text that might be a little bit challenging, we discuss the vocabulary and its meaning. Also, we love to expose the children to Francophone Literature to immerse them in the French speaking culture. Finally we foster debate and presentation skills by creating discussions about topics of their interest.

We work with several methods and books to make the class interactive and fun. Also, we like to adapt the curriculum to the needs of the children. For these reasons, we will provide you with copies and scans. If you want to buy books, we can help with that.


Children will do homework and/or special assignments to reinforce a topic we’ve learned in class. We prepare it in advance and hand out copies. If the teacher sees that a point needs more attention, he/she will send you some extra material via email. Typical assignments are reading, conjugations or vocabulary exercises.

Report cards
At the end of every course period, we will provide you with a final evaluation. The teacher will review all quizzes and tests and compile a feedback at the end.

Les P'tits Francais 0 (6- 7years) = Corresponding to CP (CE1)
Les P'tits Francais 1 (8- 10 years) = Corresponding to the CE1 - CE2
les P'tits Francais 2 (10-12 years) = Corresponding to CE2 - CM1
Les P'tits Francais 3 (12-14 years) = Corresponding to CM2 - 5ième

The class level depends not only on the children's age, but also on their proficiency. We offer a personalized teaching, which allow us to give more attention and extra activities to children having difficulties or on the contrary challenge more those who learn faster.

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