Listen to French (podcasts, news, videos, movies)

Understanding a French conversation, a movie or the News is not always an easy task.
Generally the first thing you can manage is to understand the news especially if it is not spoken too fast. But when there is an accent, or some slang words, it becomes more complcated.
Here are some tipps to improve your oral skills.

Watch Shows and Movies

Learn the daily life language, familiar expressions with funny short series

Scène de ménage (Level B1-C2)
In those short videos, you witness the daily issues of 4 different couples.

Serie Kamellott (Level B2-C2)
Hilarious show about King Arthur and his knights. You will find the character mixing very different kind of languages: argot and formal French.

Serie 10% sur Netflix (Call my Agent) (Level B2-C2)
Very good to learn professional as well as unformal French. Good jokes!And you will learn a lot about French culture.

Serie Plan Coeur (hook up plan) sur Netflix (Level B1-C2)
It's not the best show ever, the acting is a bit over the top, but it's great to learn familiar French.

Serie Zone Blanche (Black Spot) sur Netflix (Level A2-B1)
The typical French fantasy series: some humour, good actors, good direction.

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