French for businesses and corporations

When your business/organization relies on international connections, consider offering language courses to your employees. Our French courses are tailored to your requirements so that you get the results you’re looking for as quickly as possible.

Language training is an incentive for employees to become more invested in the organization, especially in international operations. It also provides a source of personal enrichment by increasing their skills.

Through our long experience in the worlds of business and non-profit in France, in the US and with diverse international partners, your employees will get the very most from their language courses. Whatever level of competency you need, we can offer a language course to match:
- Individual or group language courses
- Regular in-house training
- Intensive on-site or off-site courses (for relocating employees, etc)
- Cultural Awareness courses

Language differences are often a real barrier to good business communication. With a targeted language course, you can make a huge difference!

Delivering high quality

To us every client is an individual with a unique set of needs.
With this in mind we design a tailored language class to ensure you reach your goals.

For more information about our methods, see Quality Standards.

Weekly French Language Training

The easy way for busy people to learn a language is a little and often, so you may want to have a weekly class.

Design of your course
Before you begin your training, we will establish your needs and assess your current French skills. We will then design a language training course which is tailor made for you and ensure that the training is specific to your field of work and job function.

Location of your French course

A teacher can come directly to your location so that you don’t waste time traveling to your course. Typically we will need a 1.5 hours session once or twice a week over a period of up to 45 weeks to achieve the level B1/ B2 (depending on your level of prior knowledge and your learning commitment).

We offer French language training on a one-on-one basis or for groups of up to 10 people from your organization and will be arranged at a time to suit your schedule. If you are having one-on-one training you have the added benefit of being able to rearrange the day and time of your training session each week.

Crash Course

You may be given limited notice to attend an overseas trade fair or an important business meeting abroad with French speaking customers or colleagues. Maybe you will be relocating to a French speaking country. Now you need to learn the language quickly and an intensive course is the ideal solution for you.

Design of your course
Our intensive French courses (over 1 or 2 weeks) are designed just for you. As soon as we have established your needs, we tailor a course to meet your specific requirements. We take into account your current knowledge, the amount of time you have and the topics you are looking to learn for ex. ‘survival skills’ for beginners or more specialized terminology (international development, humanitarian work, diplomacy, commerce, military, business) for advanced learners.
Your intensive French training can be carried out at your location.
Intensive courses are either on a one-on-one or can be arranged for a small group of colleagues (assuming a similar starting skill point, schedule, and desired outcome).

Schedule and affordable price

If you are interested in a business course, please contact us. According to your needs, we will formulate a training plan.


We will send you some references upon requests. Among some of our corporate partners: the Canadian Embassy, The Embassy of Belgium, The Embassy of Switzerland, Lardner and Foley, Focht Inc., Rudo International, Chemonics International, CDP Capital US, BHA, Millenium Challenge Corporation, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation, FHI360, USAID, the USIP, the American Institute of Research.

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