We ask our students for feedbacks to make sure they are satisfy. We'd like to share some of their comments:

FSI test

"After an absence of speaking French for years and then not very well anyway I faced the daunting FSI exam for my government job. Not taking an FSI class I went into gear with Natasha instead. In a matter of weeks her competent yet gentle approach got my French back into shape. Her thorough and methodical instruction was absolutely key to my passing the notoriously difficult FSI French exam in the first sitting."
Carl (USAID)

"I had to take the FSI exam, so I looked for specialized tutoring and took private lessons. My teacher was thorough :): she gave me homework, worked intensively and methodically with me on possible test topics. The result: I passed my exam!"
John K.

About private tutoring

"Madame Manet was an exceptional teacher. Personable and creative, Madame Manet provided lessons perfectly tailored to my skills and interests. Within a few short weeks, I noticed an improvement in both comprehension and expression as the result of varied and engaging exercises on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. I would recommend her teaching to anyone eager to improve their French!"Astri

"I had an excellent experience taking some intensive French classes with French Academy. I took 20 hours of private lessons over the course of two weeks, and found it very useful and enjoyable." Johanna

" I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my tutor and the progress he has helped me make. I'm looking forward to continuing my efforts with him." Michael

"The French Academy is a new French school in DC, but the teachers are not! They all worked in other schools before and created their own thing. I have been taking private tutoring and it's really good so far. I will also enroll my kids in the fall courses in Chevy Chase because I know the teacher and her approach. It's in full immersion and they focus on the children. Really great." Meghan

What are the things you appreciated the most? "Flexibility with private lessons. I’m self-employed and travel a lot, and my schedule is unpredictable. It is impossible for me to attend regularly-scheduled classes on specific days and times. Gautier and I would look ahead at my schedule during each lesson and plan the next class accordingly. Even then I had business conflicts suddenly come up a couple of time and had to reschedule. I appreciated that I didn’t forfeit lessons because I was unavailable on a designated day." Carmie

About group classes

"I’m taking a tailored A2 course through French Academy and I am really enjoying it thus far. The class is small (four people), so we receive a lot of one-on-one support and have plenty of opportunities to practice speaking with one another. Natacha is a fantastic teacher — she is cheerful and energetic and always willing to answer our questions. Although it can be difficult to learn a new language, Natacha has encouraged us to practice our new vocabulary and patiently listens and corrects us as needed so that we can learn the proper pronunciation, word usage, etc. Overall I’ve had a very positive experience with French Academy and am planning to take another course in the Spring!"
Amanda(Corporate Classes)

"The course was excellent, as was the teaching from Azin. I rate both a 5. I especially appreciated Azin's attention to detail; she takes great pride in doing the job well, and working with us on the basics to speak beautiful French (someday)."
Diane (Blue 1)

"My class was very good! I appreciated the kindness and the instruction of professeur (Pascale) and the other participants were fun in class." Candace (News)

" I liked the small class size and your flexible approach to address the specific needs of the students."
Stephanie (Survival)

"The French Academy in DC was a great experience! I have taken other French classes and I found that having a native speaker makes quite a bit of difference. Furthermore, the teachers naturally know when explanation is required in English. The majority of the class is immersion, but there really are times that it is not appropriate to explain complex grammar rules in French and the French Academy understands that. I was stuck on a few concepts from my previous learning and the teachers at the French Academy were able to help me to really understand those concepts. Thank you to the staff at the French Academy. I look forward to continuing with you!"
Brian (Improve your Grammar A2)

"I love my French classes. The small class size and the excellent teachers has made learning beginner’s French a wonderful experience. I feel challenged but never overwhelmed, and the instructors’ balanced curriculum includes using spreadsheets, YouTube videos, games, and discussions. Even though I only began three months ago, I’ve already began practicing with my friends!"
Sarmed (Corporate beginner)

" I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed the class I took in the spring--it was a lot of fun and turned out to be really useful! My husband and I spent a month in France this summer, and I know that the class made a big difference in my ability to communicate and in my confidence in speaking. I am grateful to Pierre for his teaching skill--he was a wonderful instructor!"
Dana (Survival 1)

About children classes

"My son has been with the Academy since it has started. The staff is great and responsive to the parents' concerns. The teachers are wonderful and very experienced. My son loves attending the classes there - and he is learning not just French conversation but also reading, writing, and grammar. They also do projects which allows them to learn about things such as francophone countries, your favorite musician/composer, ....
I strongly recommend it - very personal and attentive to your child's needs."
Neeran (P'tits Francais)

"My two girls take classes at the French Academy and love it! The teachers are very engaging and include a good mix of academic instruction with fun activities that give the kids a closer connection with French culture, like cooking and art projects. The classes are taylored to level - ranging from beginners to native francophone. We have really enjoyed the camps and theme workshops too. The directors are lovely people and are open to ideas and responsive to requests. My girls look forward to class each Saturday!"
Kirsten (P'tits Francais)

"Both my kids take classes at French Academy and we love it. Teachers are experts, native speakers and fun. My kids are excited to go to class every Saturdays and they learn, we see real progress!"
Paul (Grands)

"I am very pleased with the class. My son loves his teacher and can't wait to go to the class every Saturday. We personally love the way the language aspects are integrated in a story with puppets and songs. I'm much older than my son, but I have as much fun as he does :)!" Annie S (Poussins)

"Merci Natacha pour tous vos efforts et le cours fantastique que vous enseignez. Sophie a tellement progressé!"
Ana (P'tits Francais)

"Nous sommes vraiment contents du progrès des enfants et regrettons de ne pas vous avoir trouvé plus tot! Nous avons hate que les cours reprennent!"
Famille J. (P'tits Francais)

"Je tiens à vous remercier de tout coeur pour votre aide cette année. Pauline a fait de grands progrès."
Marie Christine (P'tits Francais)

"Dear Blaise and Natacha, the boys are really enjoying the class. We have tried Alliance Francaise and Language Stars, and they tell French Academy is their favorite. We will be signing up for the Spring session!"
Scott (Grands)