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From Beginner to Advanced Speaker

If you are a beginner, your progress will be very simple to follow. We offer all proficiency levels with a progression through the A1 - A2 - B1 system to become an "Independent User." This means you will be able to manage most language situations. For each of these steps, there are certain skills you will need to master in regards to your oral and written abilities (expression and comprehension).

Once you pass the B1 level, you will be an advanced user. At the next level, the B2 classes, the learning is a bit different. You are ready to discover the subtleties of the language and get trained to talk and write with fewer mistakes. For that purpose, it’s essential to talk a lot but also go more in depth into the rules of grammar.

If you already know some French, you can start at any level corresponding to your skills.

Along your French journey, you may want to reinforce your skills or do specialized classes or workshops. Every session we planned workshops to work on grammar, oral understanding, and technical vocabulary.

Choose your Beginner A1 Class

* Survival 1 (A1 -1)- Complete Beginners
Learn how to reserve a room, order food in a restaurant, buy basic items in a store, find your way by asking for directions, understand a flight/train schedule or a phone number...
* Survival 2 (A1-2) - Beginners with some knowledge
You already know some French and you need more practice? Learn how to talk about likes and dislikes and your daily routine, how to manage a doctor visit, how to make an appointment or an invitation, understand time and more…
* Survival 3 (A1-3) - Advanced beginners

It's time to learn how to use pronouns in your daily life! You will also learn to talk about past events using passé composé and future events using futur proche.
* Review, Oral Understanding, or Conversation or Grammar Workshops level A1
These classes will help you to reinforce your skills.

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Choose your Elementary A2 Class

** Survival 4 (A2-0)
Learn how to master all past and future tenses so you can tell a great story, speak about this incredible news you heard, and make future plans and previsions.
** Survival 5 (A2-1)
Learn how to make suggestions, give advice, express your opinion in a polite way. It's time to learn the conditional and the subjunctive!
** Conversation and Grammar (A2)
Learn and reinforce vocabulary and grammar rules at an elementary level. The class can be repeated several times. Every session we choose different articles, videos, and podcast for our lessons, encouraging you to talk, helping you to understand and explaining new grammar points.
** Grammar, Review, or Thematic Workshops A2
These classes will help you to strengthen your skills and reinforce your knowledge.

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Choose your Intermediate B1 Class

*** Conversation and Grammar B1
For intermediate students who want to train and perfect their conversation skills and fluidity of the language, while learning and reviewing grammar rules.
*** Grammar, Review, or Thematic Workshops B1
These classes will help you to strengthen your skills and reinforce your knowledge.
*** Test Preparations (DELF B1; TCF; FSI etc..)
To help you pass your French test!

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Choose your Advanced B2/C1 Class

**** Perfect your French Class (B1+/B2 and above)
This is a class for advanced speakers who would like to empower their French with better oral and written skills. We will work on projects, talk about economical and professional topics, news, art, and literature.
**** Thematic Workshop B2
**** Test Preparations (DELF B1, B2; DALF C1, C2; TCF; FSI etc..)

To help you pass your French test!

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Class size and individual attention

No more than 6 people, which is especially important for beginners. Many schools have 12 or more in beginner courses, depriving especially those that need it most of the special attention they should be receiving.
The success of every student is very important to us. We prepare tailor made lessons to make sure every one progresses. We give you individual advice, homework to reinforce your skills that we take time to correct at home, and grammar sheets if necessary.

Our Teachers

"We are not only native speakers, we are also French teachers!"
- All our teachers have at least a bachelor's degree, or a master's or a PHD.
- They studied in French, which makes it our main proficient language.
- They are experienced with teaching, and especially how to teach a language.
- They are passionate about their work.


We will immerse you in the language to ensure rapid progress, working with authentic materials, reproducing real conversation. Our instruction follows the “actional” or "task-based" method. What is the “actional” method? It’s situation-based learning, which is how we learned our native language. It’s learning by solving problems or resolving tasks, such as: shopping, finding your way somewhere, making appointments, making small talk etc. Learning in real language situations is how kids learn a language naturally. Your memory functions better because it is linked to an experience and a task that you achieved.

Compare this to learning a language with flash cards or computer methods -- simply repeating words and sentences out of context, with no real communicative or interactive experience. This kind of knowledge is stored in the cognitive memory but is not in the “procedural” memory, which means it’s going to be forgotten.

The books we use, and our support materials (videos, articles, etc...) are chosen according to the CEFR.
The advantages for you: we provide you with clear learning objectives as described in this framework, standard levels and results, standardized evaluations. All of this means better recognition of your achievements.

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