Why choose us?

The advantages of learning with us:

- We work hard to provide you individualized teaching rather than standardized. We created the French Academy to offer students a place where everyone can experience a more personalized approach, creativity and excellence.

- Our group classes are small, so everyone gets more attention.

- In a smaller group, you can finish a curricula faster. For example, it is possible to do a A1-1 level in 12 hours with a class once a week, rather than in 28 or 30 hours. Therefore it will cost you less.

- Our tutors are not only native French speakers, but have good pedagogical skills.
At the French Academy, all our tutors had to apply in French, they received a language test to see if they were able to correct advanced or even French speakers. Then, they had to pass an interview and a classroom observation/trial to see if they were also skilled at teaching.

- We teach you to achieve your goal. Fo example, we build curricula according to what level or skills you would like to reach. But this is dynamic and flexible. We adapt, reformulate so that it suits you.

- We offer the FSI, DELF / DALF, and TEF exam preparation. We have many years of experience in helping students passing their exam.

- From a practical standpoint, we offer classes at convienent locations, and we can come to your place very flexibly.

Choosing the right path

There are so many way you can learn French, be sure you choose the right one...

Learning with computer programs and online lessons:
Let’s face it -- with French software and online programs you will learn vocabulary, but you will not be able to acquire the language the way you will with a person. You need real experience, a real interaction with a teacher and others on the path of learning. Your brain will store the information differently, more effectively engaging the long-term memory. Also no computer is able to teach you the subtleties and the cultural aspects linked to the language. Nevertheless, in case your schedule or commitments don't allow you to attend a class in person, we can offer you one-on-one lessons on Skype, and build a great experience with a teacher who will develop a lesson-plan according to your needs.

Learning with independent tutors
If you are searching for a French tutor, you can find many people offering their service on Craig's list or on tutors' sites. While you can surely find someone great and experienced, many tutors are unfortunately not very qualified. Some speak French as a second even third language. They didn't learn it properly at school and therefore make some grammar mistakes. Some tutors will also have a strong accent. Because of this, you might not learn the standard language and will have difficulties with understanding other French speakers. If you are a beginner, you might not even be aware of the lack of proficiency of your tutor…

Learning in "big" language schools
Do you want to be taught from a book, using a rigid methodology…regardless of your particular needs? Probably not. Is that how you learned your native language? Definitely not. Our courses are tailored to your current level and goals. Also, our founders are themselves long-experienced teachers and certified examiners, allowing them to assess their teachers and ensure the highest quality. In some schools, the management does not even speak the languages taught and teachers are hired just because they know the language (more or less...).

If you choose a school that offers only French as a language, make sure that the classes are flexible and adapted to your needs. Sometimes beginner classes have 10 to 15 participants, which does not give each of them as much attention and opportunity to talk. As a result you would need to take more hours to achieve the same goal, possibly making it more expensive.