Group Classes for Adults

Quality tailor-made to your needs

During our many years of teaching, we observed that in some schools, classes are very full and impersonal. This makes it hard for students to learn well and generally the ones who need the most attention do not receive it.
To avoid this and make sure everyone progresses fast and well, we offer very small group classes (3-6 people). In this setting, the teacher tailors the class to student needs.
Our group classes are over 8 or 10 week sessions, so they can easily fit in your schedule. With small groups, we progress better and faster, making every session very effective.

From Beginner to Advanced (A1 to B2+)

When you learn a language you go through different stages of proficieny: beginner (A1), elementary (A2), intermediate (B1), advanced (B2) and bilingual (C1 or C2).
- In private lessons you can learn at your own pace.
- In group classes you can choose classes according to your French level:
A1: Beginners: Survival 1, 2, 3, and 4
A2: Elementary: Survival 5 (A2 minus), Conversation and Grammar Classes A2
B1: Intermediate: Conversation and Grammar Classes B1, Workshops.
B2: Advanced: Conversation and Grammar Classes B2; Perfect your French B2+, Workshops.
C1: Bilingual: Perfect French B2+, Workshops.

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Check the schedule of our French Adult Classes online, or in Washington DC or in Alexandria.

For children, we offer classes for English speakers (beginners to elementary), and bilingual children/ French speakers from 18 months to 15 years old.
Check the schedule of Group Classes for kids here.

What level should you start with?

All our levels match the CEFR: (Common European Framework for Languages), so it's easy for you to know where you should start. If you don't know your level yet, we can also assess you in a short (phone) interview. If you are a beginner, it's easy: just start at the Blue 1 level - Survival 1l!

A1: beginners (Survival 1, 2 and 3)
A2: elementary (Survival 4 and 5; conversation and grammar A2 classes)
B1: intermediate (conversation and grammar B1 classes)
B2, C1, C2: operational and advanced (Conversation B1+, B2 and Perfect your French Classes)

Where and When

Classes are in the heart of the business district in DC on K street or in Alexandria (Telegraph road/ Franconia), or online, at convenient times: early in the morning or in the evening, and also on Saturdays.

Class size and individual attention

No more than 6 people, which is especially important for beginners. Many schools have 12 or more in beginner courses, depriving especially those that need it most of the special attention they need.
The success of every student is very important to us. We prepare tailor made lessons to make sure every one progresses. We give you individual advice, homework to reinforce your skills that we take time to correct at home, and grammar sheets if necessary.


We will immerse you in the language to ensure rapid progress, working with authentic materials, reproducing real conversation. Our instruction follows the “actional” or "task-based" method. What is the “actional” method? It’s situation-based learning, which is how we learned our native language. It’s learning by solving problems or resolving tasks, such as: shopping, finding your way somewhere, making appointments, making small talk. Learning in real language situations is how kids learn a language naturally. Your memory functions betterbecause it is linked to an experience and a task that you achieved.

Compare this to learning a language with flash cards or computer methods -- simply repeating words and sentences out of context, with no real communicative or interactive experience. This kind of knowledge is stored in the cognitive memory but is not in the “procedural” memory, which means it’s going to be forgotten.


Before taking a class or lesson, we’ll give you a free assessment (via email) to determine your current proficiency and to help pick the right course for you. During the class, you’ll get regular assessments and feedback to make sure you progress. At the end of the class, you will have an extensive evaluation.

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