French Classes for Small Children

- Les Moineaux (2.5 to 4.5 years)
- Les Poussins (5 to 7 years)

Playful classes with activities similar to what children would do in a French maternelle. They learn words and sentences, use them in songs, dances, games, and stories.
- Children will be immersed in the language though playful activities, songs, dances, stories, games, and more. Parents or caregivers can contribute by encouraging the children. Arts and crafts will develop the fine motor abilities of the children. Interaction with puppets will make speaking French really fun!
- The class is in full immersion and therefore suited for French or English-speakingchildren. At a young age, children are very intuitive and beginners will learn fast. French-speaking children will talk and interact more, while English speakers will need more time to pronounce the words, but they understand very fast.
- Toddlers will build new vocabulary through puppets, images, songs and situations in the same way they are building these skills with their language spoken at home.

- Typical program:
Greetings, songs and dance
Numbers and letters routine
Meeting our friends (Monsieur nez rouge, Grabouilla la sorcière, les souris, ...)
Interacting on our topic (talk, sing and dance)
Word recognition activity for older children
Story time and little craft; writing project for older children
Au revoir!

- The Pro's:
+ We recreate an authentic language environment (no flash cards methodology!)
+ Teachers are native speakers (no English accent!) and experienced with teaching young children (preschool and K)
+ Child focused approach

First things we learn:
- Greetings
- Who's who
- Numbers up to 20 (or more!)
- Animal names
- Food
- Colors and forms
- Anatomy, clothing ...
- Weather
- Daily life activities
- Seasonal themes
- A lot of songs!

Note: It's good to repeat some topics sometimes as long as the activities are different and develop different capacities in the children (cognitive, motorik etc..). Children need repetition to learn :)