About us

The French Academy DC, VA, MD is a small French school whose goal is to offer flexibility, tailor made and personalized service to anyone wanting to learn French. Our small size allows our team to work intensively on the curricula, exchange information faster, and prepare classes according to the needs of our students. Our instruction is based on immersion, which will have you working proficiently faster than you might expect. Our methodology aims at re-creating a natural language environment with tasks and dialogs that one would encounter living or working in a French speaking country.

We offer classes for adults, businesses, English and French speaking children, as well as private tutoring at all levels of proficiency in the DC metro area and in Baltimore.

As a small school, we have the flexibility to be where we're most needed. That's why we're happy to come to you, giving in-house classes at your place of business or at home. While our office is in Alexandria (we have classes there too), our group classes for adults take place on K street NW (DC) and our children classes are on Saturdays in Chevy Chase (DC). We also offer classes in Baltimore.
If you want to visit us, please contact us before for an appointment, since we are not present all the time at the same location.


Our mission is to provide the very highest quality French language instruction in order to help people become better global citizens. We create a fun and friendly environment that immerses students in the language and culture, ensuring students learn French effectively and quickly.


The French Academy was founded by two passionate and experienced native French teachers who wanted to provide the highest caliber of French Language instruction. They realized that a school was needed in the DC metro area to answer the specific needs of different individuals: adults seeking a tailor-made course, families with children of different ages and bilingual families who are looking for a qualitative French education, and also professionals and businesses, for whom flexibility, individualized curriculum and specific goals are important.

We are a small team of about 8 teachers, striving to provide personalized service in the DC Metro area, offering group classes for adults and children at convenient locations and flexible one-on-one lessons.


Learn French with fun in DC and VA
Learn French with fun in DC and VA

At the French Academy, we hold steadfast to a set of values that celebrate diversity and promote respect for individuals of all cultural backgrounds, origins, ethnicities, religions, gender, and sexual orientations. We firmly believe in fostering an inclusive environment that appreciates the richness that comes from embracing different perspectives and experiences.

By embracing diversity and respecting the uniqueness of every individual, we hope to encourage open-mindedness, empathy, and mutual understanding. We firmly believe that by learning from one another and appreciating our differences, we can foster a sense of unity that transcends cultural barriers.

We are dedicated to promoting inclusivity not only within our classrooms but also within the broader community. Our aim is to empower our students to become global citizens who advocate for equality, and challenge prejudice in all its forms.

Areas of expertise

  • Business French and corporate classes (special expertise in development, cooperation and human rights in Africa; marketing and communication; human resources; project management)
  • Test preparation: FSI, DOD, TEF, TCF, DELF
  • General classes for adults (all levels)
  • Reinforcement classes to brush up your skills
  • Children classes (from 2.5 to 14 years old)
  • Reinforcement classes for teenagers (IB, AP preparation).
  • Workshops ands summer camps for kids: arts, Lego, drama, sports etc...
  • Classes for French speaking children focusing on spelling, grammar and extended vocabulary
  • Tutoring for heritage speakers (for French speakers who studied/lived abroad and need to perfect their written skills)

What is French Academy DC about? Natacha explains.

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    The French Academy was founded by two passionate and experienced native French teachers who wante...

  • Why choose us?

    Our highly experienced and trained teachers are native speakers with a passion for the French language, and will offer you a learning plan tailored to your needs.

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