Register Grands Alexandria

For children from 7.5 to 12 years old
for complete beginners to 2 years of French

The class will be tailor made to the needs of children. We may have different levels of proficiency: children who are complete beginners are some who had French previously. Since the class is conversation oriented, more advanced children will be encouraged to talk more.
We may give different homework depending on the maturity and advancement of the students.

Grand 1 SPRING class in Alexandria (kids 7.5 to 12)

Each Term, we reppeat important concepts and have something totaly new. So new comers can start the class at the beginning of each term, and kids who started earlier will continue their learnings.
- Review basic words and sentences (presentation, numbers, colors).
- Learn sentences for every day life (topics differ according to the group's skills).
- Learn how to ask simple questions.
- Learn how to talk about your likes and dislikes, hobbies, activities but also other people's.
- Learn how to talk about your daily routine, learn how to invite friends, how to buy an item, how to ask for directions.
- Role Playing, reading, writing and much more depending on the group progress.

The classic vocabulary about colors, numbers, body parts, clothing, animals, sports, family will be reviewed regularly.
The class will be tailor made to the needs of the students.

- You will receive a book recommendation upon your registration, or we will give you copies. The teachers may also use some other books (grammar, vocabulary etc...) to reinforce a point and will hand out copies. Please bring a binder, a notebook and pencils.

To learn the entire A1 curriculum, you will need to take all three/ four sessions planned over the year.

Parent Responsibility
Parents don't stay during class.

Code of Conduct
If a child becomes disruptive, we may call you to come pick up your child.

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Tuition $375

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