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- For group classes, you cannot pay the first day of class. To be registered you must have submitted your payment prior to start.
- Checks, money orders or online payments accepted.

* Check payments: Please sent your check or money order to our office at 5749 Governors Pond Cir, Alexandria VA22310
* Online Payments: See below. There is a 3.5% credit card processing fees added at check out.
* Cash: please contact us if you'd like to pay cash. As it is possible only at our office in Alexandria or in Chevy Chase (upon appointment).

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ATTENTION - Read carefully

Please choose the tuition of your class, communicated on the registration form.
You cannot choose any tuition, only the one for the class format you are registering for.


ONLINE CHILDREN CLASSES (1 hour long) + 3.5% credit card fees $240 (10 h class) 1 h over 10 weeks $144 (6 h class) 1h over 6 weeks $120 (5 h class) 1 h over 5 weeks $75 (3 h workshop) 1h over 3 weeks
ONLINE CHILDREN CLASSES (1.5 hour long) + 3.5% credit card fees $345 (15h class) 1.5 h over 10 weeks $ 210 (9h class) 1.5h over 6 weeks $175 (7.5h class) 1.5h over 5 weeks