Register Moineaux Chevy Chase

For kids 2.5 to 4.5 years

Saturdays 9:00- 9:55am in person in DC
April 22nd to June 24th - $225

(No class May 27th)

Class Description
- Children will be immersed in the language though playful activities, songs, dances, stories, games, and more. Parents or caregivers can contribute by encouraging the children. Arts and crafts will develop the fine motor abilities of the children. Interaction with puppets will make learning French really fun!
- The class is in full immersion and therefore suited for French or English-speaking children. At a young age, children are very intuitive and beginners will learn fast. French-speaking children will talk and interact more, while English speakers will need more time to pronounce the words, but they understand very fast.
Babies and toddlers will build new vocabulary through puppets, images, songs and situations in the same way they are building these skills with their language spoken at home.

Typical program:
Greetings, songs and dance
Meeting our friends (Monsieur nez rouge, Alouette, ...)
Talk, sing and dance
Story time or little craft/coloring project
Au revoir!

Every quarter we cover seasonal themes and topics children love (animals, food, family, fairy tales...)

The Pro's:
+ We recreate an authentic language environment (no flash cards methodology!)
+ Teachers are native speakers (no accent!) and experienced with small children
+ Child focused approach

Parent Participation and Responsibility
One parent or caregiver must attend class with their child(ren). Accompaniment is limited to one parent or caregiver only -no other adults or children may attend. Each parent or caregiver is responsible for the well-being of their child and is strongly encouraged to participate in all the class activities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we also prefer that only one parent stays in the room, if you register two children. If you register 3 children, two parents can be present.

Code of Conduct
If a child becomes disruptive, the parent or caregiver will take him/her out of the class until he/she calms down in order to preserve a constructive learning environment.

Please register online below and click SUBMIT. Then submit your payment to be fully registered. Let us know if you will send a check.

Tuition $225

By submitting this registration, I understand and agree to comply with the terms and policies of the French Academy DC,MD,VA LLC. Cash, Checks or online payment accepted.