French Academy DC MD VA

Learn French with professionals in the DC metro area

Excellence in teaching

We are committed to helping you realize your goal of learning French, and dedicated to the highest standards of teaching quality. We are in the DC metro area (Farragut Square DC for adult classes; Chevy Chase DC for kids classes; Alexandria VA for adult and kids classes); and in Baltimore MD.
You can also do your class from everywhere online (via Zoom or Skype or Microsoft Team).

  • Group Classes Adults

    Learn French in small groups of 3-6 students with highly qualified native teachers.

  • Kids and Teens

    French immersion classes for toddlers, kids and teens (2.5 -14 years)

  • Private Lessons

    Learning French at your own place with extensive participation and a curriculum tailored specifically for you.

  • Businesses

    When your business / organization relies on international connections, consider offering language courses to your employees. Our French courses are tailored to your requirements...

  • About us

    Our mission is to provide the very highest quality French language instruction in order to help people become better global citizens.

  • Why choose us?

    Our highly experienced and trained teachers are native speakers with a passion for the French language, and will offer you a learning plan tailored to your needs.

Tailored to your needs

Everyone can have fun learning a new language, and get results! With the right method, the right teacher, and your motivation to commit a little bit of time, you can succeed!

There are many teachers and tutors offering French classes, but before you sign up for anything, ask yourself the following: Are they native speakers? Do they have the proper degrees or certifications? Do they have experience, and result oriented teaching?

If you choose The French Academy DC you will be tutored by highly experienced and trained teachers who not only have a passion for their native language, but also have the right teaching skills. We will offer you a learning plan tailored to your needs to make sure you progress at your own pace. You might want to learn in a small group (3 to 6 students) or in one-on-one lessons. Whatever you choose, our goal is the same: to teach you French with the very highest standards.
With the French Academy, you can be sure you are at the right place to learn French!

From Beginner to Advanced (A1 to B2+)

When you learn a language you go through different stages of proficieny: beginner (A1), elementary (A2), intermediate (B1), advanced (B2) and bilingual (C1 or C2).
- In private lessons you can learn at your own pace.
- In group classes you can choose classes according to your French level:
A1: Beginners: A1-1, A1-2, A1-3, A1-4 (Check our Survival series)
A2: Elementary: Conversation and Grammar Classes A2, workshops
B1: Intermediate: Conversation and Grammar Classes B1, Workshops.
B2: Advanced: Conversation and Grammar Classes B2; Perfect your French B2+,Workshops.
C1: Bilingual: Perfect French B2+, Workshops.

Choose your Group Class here.

Check the schedule of our French Adult Classes online, or in Washington DC or in Alexandria.

For children, we offer classes for English speakers (beginners to elementary), and bilingual children/ French speakers from 18 months to 15 years old.
Check the schedule of Group Classes for kids here.

Your advantages

  • Small flexible and service oriented school
  • Regular evaluations of your progress
  • Small sized class -- every student receives focused attention
  • Classes at convenient locations: we rent rooms at several locations and come to your place to give you more flexibility
  • Tailor-made classes and exam preparation (FSI, TEF, DELF/ DALF etc..)
  • Excellent teachers responding to your needs and expectations
  • An "action based" and communicative method, re-creating natural immersion -- this will help you learn better and faster!