Register Survival 3 Alexandria

The Survival Training Level 3 is for students who have done the Survival 2 or any similar A1.2 class. (Start level A1-3).
This is a fun class with a lot of conversation teaching you further essential basics to be able to function in a French speaking country.

Survival 3 Alexandria - Wednesdays 7:35-9pm - July 24th to Sept 11th - 1.5 hours over 8 weeks - $260.

- Be able to buy clothes, gifts
- Reinforce your talking skills with the right use of pronouns (pronoms cod, coi, en, y, relatifs)
- Be able to talk about your job and environment
- Learn the partitive articles
- Be able to talk about a coming event
- Be able to talk about a past event

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Tuition $260 ($269.1 with online payment)

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