Improve your French written skills

The more you read French, the more intuition you will develop for the language. Your spelling skills will improve too. You will realize as well that many words are similar in French and English.

Improving your writting skills will also help you be stronger in the spoken language.

How to improve your writting skills?
1- Read the NEWS in French.
2- Read books.
3- Work on your grammar (see Improve your Grammar).
4- Write little texts and get the help of a tutor for correction.

Read News in French

Here is a summary from newspapers and magazines in French

Le Point

Le Monde

Libération (left)

Le Figaro (right)

Les Echos

La Tribune

20 minutes

Le Parisien

Courrier International

Le Monde Diplomatique

Le Nouvel Observateur

Magazines féminins


Le Journal de Montréal

La Presse

Le Journal de Québec

Le Québécois

Les Affaires


Coup de pouce

Les JT français au Canada:
Le Téléjournal Québec sur ici radio canada

La Tribune