French on Skype

During the Social Distancing period, you can follow all group classes on Skype or Zoom or Google Hangouts
- Register for your Adult class, or Children class.
- We'll send you a "Skype Meet-Now" link, and the material you will need during class.
- You can follow the class at home.

You can book lessons on Skype or on Facetime as individual lessons or for a small group (2 to 4 participants).

- Together, we will create a curriculum that fits your expectations: we can discuss actual topics, debate or brush up some grammar points according to your needs.
- You will receive scanned materials and links prior to our lessons.
- We will work on authentic material: articles, videos...
- You will get a summary of the vocabulary and grammar points per email after each lesson.

Price list Skype for 1, 2 or 3 students together

Numbers of hours purchased Hourly price for a Skype lesson / One student Hourly price for a Skype lesson / 2 students together Hourly price for a Skype lesson / 3 students together
1-9 hours $60 $60 $70
10-25 hours $58 $60 $65
30 hours or more $55 $60 $60

To register for your lessons, send us the registration form below. After, you may submit a payment Online or via check.
If you buy a low cost package (10, 25 hours Skype) there are 3% credit card processing fees added at check out. We waive those fees for higher hourly rates.
For packages for groups we will send you instructions for the payment.

Registration for a private French lesson

Beginner, strong beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced?

Please describe when you would like to schedule your private lesson

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Payment - Click on your Package to submit Payment

Pay 1h Skype $60 +3% credit card fees Pay 5h Skype $300 +3% credit card fees Pay 10 hours (group of 2) $600 +3% fees Pay 10h (1 person) Skype $580 +3% credit card fees Pay 30h (1 person) Skype $1650 +3% credit card fees