Register French Intro- Alexandria - 5 weeks

This training is for complete beginners who would like to learn at a slow pace.
During the class, we will take time to explain concepts, sentence structures, vocabulary.
It will not be in complete immersion.

Mondays 5:30-7pm
From June 1st to June 29th- 1.5 hours over 5 weeks

Curriculum: Learn the very basics to be ready to learn in immersion
- The alphabet, and sounds
- Numbers
- Basic objects, colors, verb to have
- Your nationality, verb to be
- Sentence structure, subject, verb, complement, nouns and adjetives
- Days of the week, months, birthdates, prices, seasons
- some helful sentences to learn by heart.
- And more according to the group dynamic

You will be ready to go to a Survival 1 or A1-1 course after this class.
You will not be able to go to a A1-2 class, since this is slow paced and more a basic introduction to the language.

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Tuition $150

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